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Find a Photographer Awards

I was just reading my emails the other day and one really caught my attention. It was from Find A Photographer and it was informing me that I am a finalist in the State Awards for 2021!!

Understandably, I was a little shocked!! Just quietly a little happy dance might have happened :)

This is such an incredible honour, not just for the obvious reasons but also, it is decided by your clients! By actual people that you have worked with in your business and I don't think there is any higher honour than that! To know that the work I have poured my heart and soul into for my clients, makes them happy too! If you are interested, I have included some of the gorgeous reviews that were left for my little Flagstone Photography Studio :)

I would love the opportunity to say thank you to all the amazing people that have allowed me to photograph some of the most precious times in their lives!! So many of these moments are gone in an instant, and to be trusted in this way, really is the reason I keep going, even when it's hard. You guys have loved and encouraged me over the years, and I could not be more grateful!

Massive thank you also to Find A Photographer for providing not only this competition, but also the reason to finally ask for a review. Something I find very difficult and have never willingly done, and yet as soon as I did, a massive crowd of absolute legends jumped at the chance and may have even made my tough old eye leak a little!!

So here is a collection of, 1. Absolute legends, 2. Some amazing and beautiful reviews 3. my heart out on my sleeve <3

Massive love to you all and fingers and toes crossed for the next round ;)



I am so glad you found me!! If you are just looking, just found out you are pregnant or want to capture your rapidly growing family you have come to the right place!! Especially if you live within driving distance of Flagstone, just south of Brisbane in Queensland!! I will do everything I can to ensure your families memories are preserved for all time. From our first consultations, gathering and investigating all that you want, to our fun and interactive photography session and even ordering and collecting your archival heirloom pieces, every stage of the process promises to be fun, relaxed and exceeding of your expectations.

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