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How to take better iPhone photos

KWP Studios flagstone
KWP Studios Flagstone

We all know the importance of SEO and when you can't get to a professional photographer, and you still need good content, these quick tips might just help you out!

1. Clean your cameras front and back

Right before you click the shutter, make sure that you have cleaned any makeup or finger prints off. This will ensure your photos are sharp and gorgeous!

2. Back up your photos

Boring I know, but if the worst was to happen, would you be ok with losing all your precious photos?

iCloud storage starts from $4.95 and 2 Terabyte hard drives are around $100

3. Turn off your flash

On camera flash is a very harsh light and brings out all flaws in the skin and is completely useless for pretty much everything. Instead use the light around you, another iPhone, window light, sunlight etc.

display showing floral arrangements
floral arrangement for KWP Studios

4. Try and shoot in Golden Hour

Golden Hour is the hour after sunrise and before sunset.The light is the softest and is known as golden hour because of the golden glow the world gets at this time. All imperfections are a little softer at Golden Hour

family portrait photography
family photography in the golden hour

5. Use the mode for the photo you want to achieve

Portrait Mode for beautiful blurry backgrounds, panorama for capturing larger images and don't forget to leave "live mode" on. Make sure you click on the image to focus and expose correctly.

6. Take more than one photo

Set your photo up, press the screen to focus and expose your image correctly, and take the image and a couple more just for good measure, nothing worse than looking at your image later and seeing that one person was blinking or the image is blurry.

7. A light Edit to finish

There are so many awesome little apps that will edit your photos to give them the finishing touch.Try an editing app like Snap Seed which is free and edit to your own taste (you can google or just trial and error to find your own style)

If you would like more hints or to book a branding session send me a message

Branding sessions with KWP Studios are just $550 + GST for 20 digital images which can include head shots, general branding and flat lays :)



I am so glad you found me!! If you are just looking, just found out you are pregnant or want to capture your rapidly growing family you have come to the right place!! Especially if you live within driving distance of Flagstone, just south of Brisbane in Queensland!! I will do everything I can to ensure your families memories are preserved for all time. From our first consultations, gathering and investigating all that you want, to our fun and interactive photography session and even ordering and collecting your archival heirloom pieces, every stage of the process promises to be fun, relaxed and exceeding of your expectations.

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