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Top tips to prepare for a Newborn Photography Session

KWP Studios is here to make your newborn photography experience as seamless, comfortable, and stress-free as possible. Here are our top newborn photography tips to help you plan and prepare for one of the most beautiful stages of your life.

1. Newborn Photography sessions are best booked within the first 14 days of your baby's life

Flagstone Newborn Photographer

It is recommended to have your newborn photography session within two weeks of delivery as after this time, babies can be harder to settle, are more alert, and can even develop colic and baby acne. It can be easier to pose and adjust a sleeping baby making for a more relaxed and seamless experience. However, babies are still very sleepy in the first six weeks of life, so if you have missed the 14-day window, it is not too late! Make contact immediately as generally most newborn photographers are booked up months in advance!

2. Sessions are ideally taken in the morning

KWP Studios suggests planning your newborn photography session to take place at around 9.30 am. We have found that early to mid-morning is the time when babies are most-happy and settled. The natural light indoors at this time of the day is also the creamiest.

Flagstone Newborn Photographer

3. Newborn Photography Props

Flagstone Newborn Photographer

While KWP Studios does provide all props, blankets, and wraps, you are more than welcome to bring something sentimental that you would like included in your session. After all, these images are a representation of you, and your family and are memories for you to treasure forever, living proudly in your home.

4. Come prepared

As we have baby undressed during the session, the room is kept nice and warm to keep baby happy. We recommend you wear light clothing and bring plenty of water and refreshments. And of course, KWP Studios has plenty of snacks and drinks available in the studio for you as well!

Flagstone Newborn Photographer

5. Feed your baby before the session

Flagstone Newborn Photographer

Of course, you are more than welcome to feed your baby during the session. However, we do recommend feeding and burping your little one 30 minutes before your appointment. This will ensure your baby is happy, content, and in a great mood ready for the camera! Less crying will make for a more relaxed session for everyone.

6. Keep your baby awake before the session

To help make the session run smoothly, try to keep baby awake before arriving at the studio. This will ensure that your baby sleeps through most of the session allowing all of the precious little sleepy newborn poses to be captured.

Flagstone Newborn Photographer

7. Wardrobe choice

Flagstone Newborn Photographer

Of course, this does come down to personal preference but we recommend that parents and siblings wear solid colours, avoiding any complex patterns that may take attention away from the main subject - the baby.

8. Schedule your session ahead of time

It is important to consider making a tentative booking during the first trimester of pregnancy in order to ensure that you don't miss out! We can lock off a tentative booking for you and then lock off a firm date when more information becomes available, or you have your baby. Once your precious little addition has arrived, you can contact us to organise a suitable day and time for your session.

Flagstone Newborn Photographer

So, there you have it - our top tips to help you prepare for your newborn photo session. KWP Studios hopes your newborn photography experience exceeds your expectations, creating memories and images that you will surely treasure forever 🤍

To learn more or to request more information, visit NEWBORN | KWP Studios



I am so glad you found me!! If you are just looking, just found out you are pregnant or want to capture your rapidly growing family you have come to the right place!! Especially if you live within driving distance of Flagstone, just south of Brisbane in Queensland!! I will do everything I can to ensure your families memories are preserved for all time. From our first consultations, gathering and investigating all that you want, to our fun and interactive photography session and even ordering and collecting your archival heirloom pieces, every stage of the process promises to be fun, relaxed and exceeding of your expectations.

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