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The White House of Waterford Weddings :)

My other favourite place to be when I am photographing, after my little Flagstone Studio, is Logan's Best Restaurant, The White House of Waterford and spending time there with Kerri Watkins Celebrant is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

So that is how we spent yesterday afternoon, with the gorgeous Willow & Daniel, celebrating their special day. It was absolutely magical, even after all the hiccups and issues they had in the lead up to their wedding day.

And with my shoulder being a complete jerk at the moment, I was so lucky to have my amazing Chloe Squad with me, with my daughter Chloe and Chloe from Chloe K Photography helping me with everything from some amazing shots to lifting me back up and bringing water and coffee <3 I really appreciate you girls as well as the amazing Kerri & White House Staff for all the love <3

Once again Kerri Watkins Celebrant bought the laughter and tears with the most beautiful ceremony, which was personalised and magical and included so many personal details.

And The White House of Waterford really turned it on in full bloom for these guys! The food and drinks were exceptional, even Chris's brand new cocktail just for Daniel the "Watermelon Sugar High". Every single part of the day was perfect because of the hard work the crew put in!

And how gorgeous were the bouquets from Wild Clover Collective??

Willow & Daniel, you guys exceeded in bringing together love and your own unique and special story and everyone that was with you could honestly see the love you share and we were all cheering you on! Wishing you many years of wedded bliss

<3 The White House of Waterford Weddings Team



I am so glad you found me!! If you are just looking, just found out you are pregnant or want to capture your rapidly growing family you have come to the right place!! Especially if you live within driving distance of Flagstone, just south of Brisbane in Queensland!! I will do everything I can to ensure your families memories are preserved for all time. From our first consultations, gathering and investigating all that you want, to our fun and interactive photography session and even ordering and collecting your archival heirloom pieces, every stage of the process promises to be fun, relaxed and exceeding of your expectations.

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