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Top 10 Tips for Stunning Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is such an important milestone in every family's journey. Those first couple of weeks are such a blur and can feel like it is over in one minute and last for years all at the same time! Here are some of our most important tips from 12 + years in newborn photography:

gorgeous family of mum dad and baby in boho studio setting in Flagstone studio
Newborn photography in Flagstone

1.Timing is Key: Schedule the photo shoot whilst you are still pregnant within the first two weeks of birth when babies are sleepier and more easily posed.

2. Keep it Cozy: We make sure that our gorgeous Flagstone Studio is clean, warm and comfortable environment, and by using soft blankets, wraps, and props to keep your baby snug and secure.

Gorgeous newborn baby in delicate wraps with pearls and posed in a newborn prop with a headband
newborn photography in Flagstone

3. Good Light: We use a combination of natural, studio and constant light to make sure your newborn is lit in the best possible way!

4.Safety First: We always always prioritise your new babies safety during your photo shoot! We make sure the studio is clean and sterile, supports are used, the temperature is perfect and every pose is safe for your baby.

5. Patience is Key: One thing I hear most from new parents is how much patience I have, and I have to admit, it does take a lot of patience to be a newborn photographer, but I love it! I am always prepared to work around your baby's schedule. We always work to your babies schedule, so allow plenty of time for feeding, soothing, and breaks as needed.

Award winning photo of a newborn in Flagstone Queensland
Award winning newborn photographer

6, The details are so important. I always make sure that I focus on capturing the tiny details that make your baby unique, such as their tiny fingers, toes, and eyelashes.

newborn photography details of toes and parents hands
Newborn photography details

7. Embrace Candid Moments: Some of the most precious photos happen naturally. Be ready to capture candid moments of your baby yawning, stretching, or cuddling with family members.

8. Get Creative with Props: Incorporate meaningful props such as heirloom blankets, toys, or personalized accessories to add depth and personality to your photos.

Newborn photography with props in Flagstone Queensland Studio
Newborn photography with props

9. Include Family Members: Don't forget to include siblings, parents, and even pets in your newborn photos to capture the joy and love of your growing family.

10.Relax and Have Fun: Above all, relax, enjoy the experience, and embrace the imperfections. Your baby's unique personality and expressions will shine through, creating timeless memories to cherish for years to come.

Two mums holding their newborn baby in studio in Flagstone Queensland
Newborn Photography

These tips will help you create stunning newborn photos that capture the essence of your little one's first precious moments. If you know that you are ready to book your very own newborn session, or if you would like some further information, fill out the form below and I will get back to you ASAP!



I am so glad you found me!! If you are just looking, just found out you are pregnant or want to capture your rapidly growing family you have come to the right place!! Especially if you live within driving distance of Flagstone, just south of Brisbane in Queensland!! I will do everything I can to ensure your families memories are preserved for all time. From our first consultations, gathering and investigating all that you want, to our fun and interactive photography session and even ordering and collecting your archival heirloom pieces, every stage of the process promises to be fun, relaxed and exceeding of your expectations.

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